What Does The Majority Leader do

What Does The Majority Leader do


What Does The Majority Leader do


The Senate Majority Leader proves to be quite the important role in the United States Congress chamber of the Senate. Elected by the appropriate party members, the Senate Majority Leader acts as the main spokesperson for the majority party. Depending on certain situations, the Senate Majority can sometimes act as the chief spokesperson for their party in all of Congress. 

If the House of Representatives and the Speaker of the House of the opposition party, the Senate Majority Leader may prove to be the key source of representation for their respective party in Congress. Currently, the Senate Democrats have the majority in the chamber with 57 seats. Republicans currently hold 47 seats in the Senate, while two seats are held by independent parties. The Current Senate Majority Leader is Harry Reid of Nevada, and has the chief spokesperson for the Senate Democrats.

For all intensive purposes, the Senate Majority Leader actually acts as the position that is in charge of managing the Senate. Even though the Vice President of the United States is appointed as President of the Senate, the legislative power lies in the hands of the Senate members. Therefore, the authoritative power and command rests on the shoulders of the Senate Majority Leader.

The Senate Majority Leader has the right to be recognized and called upon first when presenting certain matters on the Senate floor. The President of the Senate is charged with the responsibility of recognizing other Senators on the floor. The Senate Majority Leader is responsible of scheduling and managing all of the legislative matters that are to be proposed on the floor of the Senate. The Senate Majority Leader must also call the bills proposed and present them to the Senate, and must also be sure to keep his/her respective party informed and up to date on all legislative matters.

On top of that, the Senate Majority Leader must also balance his/her duties as a regular member of the Senate. The Senate Majority Leader will typically work quite close with the Senate Minority LeaderHouse of Representatives 






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