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Salary and Benefits Overview

Salary and Benefits Overview

The salary and benefits for the members of the Senate are the same as those granted to the House of Representatives. The pay grades differ in accordance to their position in that particular chamber of the United States Congress.

Members of the Senate, such as the Senate Majority and Minority Leaders will have a higher salary than other members of the Senate, those considered to be Rank-and-File Members. Even though salaries are higher for those in the Senate leadership, all senators receive the same type of benefits.

The salaries of Senators are administered and determined by the Office of Personnel Management. This governmental faction derives the Senator salaries through the implementation of a fairly complex calculation system to derive at the total amount. One of the main arguments or disputes regarding the salaries of Senators is the fact the pay rates also affect other governmental positions, such as those for federal judges. Originally, it was suggested by Benjamin Franklin at the Constitutional Convention.