An Overview of the Supreme Court System

An Overview of the Supreme Court System


An Overview of the Supreme Court System

Supreme Court of the United States is the highest judicial organization in the
United States. The Supreme Court is the prime court of the Federal judiciary of
the nation.

Supreme Court is headed by the Chief Justice of the United States, along with
eight Associate Justices. The Justices of this Court are all nominated by the
President of the United States and then are confirmed by a vote of the United
States Senate.

Court Justices, once appointed, have a life-long term in the position, which
can only be terminated in the case of death or retirement. Impeachment is also
grounds to remove a Supreme Court Justice.

Supreme Court is located in Washington, D.C. in the United States Supreme Court
Building. The Supreme Court essentially has jurisdiction over all Federal
matters, though the exact powers of the Court are more specifically outlined in
the United States Constitution. 

Constitution laws has more information about the
Supreme Court. 




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