The Judges of the Supreme Court

The Judges of the Supreme Court


The Judges of the Supreme Court

The highest court is known as the Supreme Court, which was
established in 1789. John Rutledge, William Cushing, James Wilson, and John
Blair were amongst the first justices of the Supreme Court. While there are
individual Supreme Courts within states such as Maryland, Delaware,
Massachusetts, Maine, West Virginia, and New York, the Supreme Court of the
United States of America is considered to be the highest officiating body
within the United States, which makes up the Judiciary branch of the three branches
of government, in addition to the Legislative and Executive Branches. 


Currently, there are 9 Supreme Court Justices: one Chief Justice
and eight associate Justices. Currently, under President Barack Obama, the
following individuals make up the Supreme Court of the United States of


1.       John G. Roberts (Chief Justice)

2.       Elena Kagan (Associate Justice)

3.       Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Associate Justice)

4.       Clarence Thomas (Associate Justice)

5.       Anthony Kennedy (Associate Justice)

6.       Stephen Bryer (Associate Justice)

7.       Antonin Scalia (Associate Justice)

8.       Sonia Sotomayor (Associate Justice)

9.       Samuel Alito (Associate Justice)

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