What Procedures Congress Follows

What Procedures Congress Follows


What Procedures Congress Follows

Under the United States Constitution, each
chamber of Congress is to provide for its own regulations and rules regarding
the proceedings that are to be conducted in each
House. Therefore, the House of Representatives and the Senate
engage in the following:

     ●   Offering of the prayer by the Chaplain
of the House

     ●   The reading and approval of the
legislative journal

        The Pledge of Allegiance

         Corrections to public bills

that is pending on the Speaker of the House’s table    

or pending business

         Consideration of any new bills
that are to be introduced by the committees of the House of Rep

         State of the Union

         Orders of the Day.

In regards to the passing of bills, there are
certain regulations that may have to be considered that may differ from the
original list of priorities. It is important to note that any
of the House of Rep
resentatives can introduce a bill at any time that the
House is session. The
Congressman can place a copy of the bill in
the “hopper” that is placed next to the Clerk of the House’s desk.
must provide for a signed copy of the bill, which may be co-sponsored by other
The bill is then assigned a legislative number by the Clerk and added to the
journal as well as the Congressional Record. The bill will then referred to the
appropriate committee that has jurisdiction over that particular matter or




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