Things to Know About the The Constitution

Things to Know About the The Constitution


Things to Know About the The Constitution

The United States Constitution is the fundamental framework for
the United States of America. The United States Constitution plays a crucial
role in ensuring the security and integrity of the United States, and more
specifically, the citizens of the country.


The Constitution acts as the highest law of the land and
documents the individual rights which distinguish American society from other
countries. Every law in the United States, in some way was developed in
accordance with the Constitution. 

United States Constitution provides a single legal basis for the fundamental
rights of American citizens through the documentation known as the Bill of


          The Constitution defines the basic
civil liberties, the fundamental rights of American citizens, and the
responsibilities of the Federal and state governments.


          The Constitution acts as a framework
to ensure peace and order in the United States.


          The Constitution organized the balance
of powers between individual citizens, state governments, and the broader
Federal Government of the United States.


          The document serves as a foundation
for any legal entity formed in the country and offers the Government a sense of
direction in regards to organization and function–the Constitution defines the
responsibilities of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of

Constitution has more information regarding the
United States Constitution’s importance.




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