An Overview of American History

An Overview of American History


An Overview of American History

Throughout American History there have been a number of changes that have occurred to the legal system and installations of power in order to help create an equal and well-regulated governing body.
Legal History

America has a rich legal history background; one that has moved from a failing unicameral system of governance to a flourishing bicameral system. The change from one system to another was a necessity seen by members of Government when they realized that they had no actual power over the way in which the states ruled themselves. James Madison suggested a bicameral system in order to bring more power to the Government and to help unify the states in the Union.
Congress of the Confederation

The Congress of the Confederation was the first governing body of the United States. This body was a unicameral government, in which there was little power given to actual Government. All implementations that the Congress wanted could easily be ignored by the states, which were still considered sovereign entities by the standards of America.
Unitary System

The unitary system is a system in which a governing body has control over a certain area and is restricted from having power over other bodies. In the United States, we have a bicameral system in which there are two bodies that work together as one governing group. However, they have limited power against other executive and judicial areas, making the United States one of the most unique unitary-based bicameral systems.
Vesting Power

Vesting power is a power that was written into the Constitution which gives specific powers to each branch of government in the United States. Vesting powers are important because they allow for controlled government, while ensuring that each branch is regulated against another in regards exercising their powers.
Enumerated Powers

Enumerated powers are a series of specific powers that have been given to Congress. These powers tend to all have to do with establishing various functions in the United States or helping to maintain specific groups and organizations, like that of the military.




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