Supreme Court Justices

Purpose of Lifetime Appointment and Pros and Cons

The Constitution provides for the lifetime appointment of every Supreme Court Justice, though not through any direct language. Instead, the document addresses the ability of Court Justices to hold office
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Supreme Court Justices Overview

Background of JusticesThe Constitution's provisions for the Justices who make up the Supreme Court are brief and have allowed extensive discretion to legislators and the Court itself in determining the
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Means of Appointment and Voting Process in Congress

The selection and approval of Supreme Court nominees is intended to provide for the oversight of the institution as a whole by the other main branches of the Federal Government.
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Know The Nature and Role of The SC Justices

The nature and role of Supreme Court Justices is left quite open by the relevant section of the Constitution, Article III, on the issue of "Judicial Powers", as well as
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Current Membership of the Supreme Court

In the discussions that have been held of the various Supreme Courts found throughout American history, one of the most
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What You Need To Know About Judicial Leanings

As it is enacted by the Constitution, the Supreme Court and the American judicial system as a whole can be interpreted in theory as the least politicized section of Government
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