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What was the First Continental Congress?

What was the First Continental Congress?

The First Continental Congress was held on September 1, 1774. This was a meeting of delegates from 12 out of the 13 colonies that made up colonial day America. Delegates from the province of Georgia were not requested or provided in regards to the First Continental Congress.

This is because at the time the province of Georgia was a location comprised of convicts and were not included in the decision-making process regarding this Congress.

The First Continental Congress was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From the twelve colonies that had provided delegates, there were a total of 56 men who came together. At this juncture in time, there was a great gap of interest between colonists regarding the separation of the colonies from England. Many colonists still had loyalty to England and hoped that resolution could be made by the two bodies. For others, there was a distinct need to separate from England for good.

However, one common feeling from the First Continental Congress was that there was a need for changes regarding the way in which England treated the colonies. The colonies demanded fairness and respect from England. This incendiary call for action and for the First Continental Congress came about after the Coercive Acts, more commonly referred to as the Intolerable Acts, were set in place.

These Acts were laws passed by England and implemented into the colonies in order to keep control over them. Though the First Continental Congress tried to stop the Acts, they were unsuccessful. However, the First Continental Congress brought the delegates together and inspired more proactive action and organization in order to gain the rights and respect they had desired.

A Full Overview of the Continental Congress

A Full Overview of the Continental Congress

The Continental Congress was a convention made up of delegates from the colonies in America. These conventions were used as organizational efforts to move forward in the hopes of obtaining freedom for the colonies and securing rights for citizens of the colonies.
Continental Congress Background

The Continental Congress was a body of delegates from twelve out of the thirteen colonies of America during the late 1700s. This body of delegates came together to form a convention in which they planned out the necessary actions that the colonies had to take in order to secure emancipation from their oppressor, England. The First Continental Congress was the initial discussion and planning movement in which the delegates discussed their views of England and how the colonies could be better served. The Second Continental Congress was the action portion. This is where formal appeals and strong planning was done to secure the colonies’ freedom.
First Continental Congress

The First Continental Congress met in 1774. This was when the original 56 delegates from the twelve participating colonies came together to discuss their feelings towards England and to gain an understanding of the action that was necessary in order to secure their rights. For some, this was a difficult convention because there was still loyalty to England. For others, this was the necessary beginning towards a progressive movement of freedom.
Second Continental Congress

The Second Continental Congress occurred in 1775. Many of the same individual who attended the First Continental Congress were seen at the second one as well. However, there were new and notable additions to the Congress. Individuals like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were now in attendance. This was where the idea of the Declaration of Independence came around and was the first part of a large movement toward independence.