Declaration of Independence

Six Principles of the Northwest Ordinance

The Northwest Territory included land that existed outside of the original 13 states, comprised of what is now Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Though the Articles of Confederation
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The Treaty of Paris 1783

The Treaty of Paris was a doctrine signed by both British and American representatives on September 3rd, 1783, which officially, diplomatically, and politically solidified the independence of the United States
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Movement towards Constitutional Government

The Treaty of Paris (1783)The Treaty of Paris signifies the first official doctrine regarding foreign policy and diplomacy between the newly-formed United States of America and all other foreign nations.
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The Shays’ Rebellion

Between the years of 1786 to 1787, Daniel Shays, a Massachusetts farmer and a Revolutionary War veteran, amassed over 5,000 bankrupt farmers and organized a rebellion against a sovereign Massachusetts
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What You Need to Know About The Lack of Governmental Power

Following the defeat of the British forces in the Revolutionary War in 1776, the United States of America was eager to declare their sovereignty from the monarchy of King George
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