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The Articles of the Constitution are an extremely important part of the Constitution. The Articles are paragraphs which outline how the Government will be set up in terms of Congress. This breaks down the makeup of Congress between the House of Representatives and the Senate. Furthermore, it takes these two bodies and outlines who is allowed to run for a position in the Senate or House of Representatives, and what criteria they must fit in order to be accepted.
The purpose of the Articles of the Constitution is to firmly and legally outline the structure of the Government in order to assure that there is fairness within the Government and that both of the Congressional Houses are rounded out regarding the number of individuals they have and the powers they have.

Overall, Congress is bestowed with all legislative powers in the Government, and this power is a great one. Each article has regulations and stipulations that help to contain this power, and balance out Congress with other branches of the Government.
To operate under a Constitutional setting, all members of Congress must understand the specified roles in the Senate and House of Representatives, respectively. Failure to comply can result in the removal of an individual from their specified Congressional position.
The Articles of the Constitution state that Representatives from the House of Representatives only serve two-year terms and they must be at least 25 years old in order to hold the position. Senators are designated with six-year terms and are only allowed one vote. Each Article goes into specific detail regarding the criteria necessary for Constitutional compliance and what the job of Congress entails in the United States.

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Articles of the Constitution You Must Know Tue, 07 Apr 2015 18:46:38 +0000 Articles of the Constitution You Must Know

The Articles of the Constitution are important sections created to give powers and regulations to each area of the Government.
Articles of the Constitution Background

The Articles of the Constitution were written as guidelines for establishing and correctly functioning under the Constitution of the United States. Each one of these Articles gave special powers and regulations to each body of the Government to ensure power while regulating the amount.
Article 1

The First Article of the Constitution is the Article which outlines the powers that are vested by the Government and given to each respective branch and governmental body. Essentially, this is where the Legislative Branch of Government was mapped out and the positions of legislature officials, like Senators and House Representatives, were defined.
Article 2

The Second Article of the Constitution defines the powers of the Executive branch. The Executive Branch is made up of the President, Vice President, and other high-ranking Government officials. With the Second Article, the Executive powers are established and there is a line of succession of power, but it is regulated so as not to overpower other areas of Government.
Article 3

The Third Article of the Constitution establishes the Judicial Branch of Government. This is where the judicial powers were outlined and the powers of the Supreme Court were defined in order to ensure that the Judicial Branch did not have too much power over other Government branches.
Article 4

The Fourth Article of the Constitution is in regards to the States of the United States. This is where the legal interactions between states are mapped out. Furthermore, this is where it states that there can be more states added to the Union, but under specific circumstances or agreements.
Article 5

The Fifth Article of the Constitution outlines the procedure for Amendments to be made to the Constitution. This is where it is explicitly outlined that each house of Congress must have a two-thirds majority affirmation before moving out for a three-fourths vote by the State legislatures.
Article 6

The Sixth Article of the Constitution outlines the issue of debts incurred by the United States before the establishment of the Constitution. It is also the Article in which outlines are made regarding agreements between nations and oaths taken by Government and judicial officials that have to be upheld in the spirit of the Constitution.
Article 7

The Seventh Article of the Constitution is simply an Article that states that in order for establishment of the Constitution to occur, there had to be nine ratifications by respective State legislatures.

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